Soshi Matsunobe
scribbles between spaces
Friday, 26 October 2018, 6 – 9 PM 

Soshi Matsunobe represents the concepts of hollow, shadow, blank and emptiness, such as a hole (zero-dimensional point) and a gap (one-dimensional line) in 2D or 3D as actual things. 

Stones, rubber bands, humming, shelves, scribbles etc. which appear frequently in his works, directly expressing the shapes in points or lines. In addition they are representing the characteristics of points or lines created without intention. 

For the SOX show »scribbles between spaces« Matsunobe simply focused his work into the space between the street and vitrine. Just as a liar's lie can become the truth, the overlap of gaps and holes can become a solid thing. 

Soshi Matsunobe
SOX   Oranienstrasse 175     Berlin 10999
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