Anna Jermolaewa
Luis Ospina und Carlos Mayolo
Lichtspiele: Bullen

Robert Fenz film "Toros" is the central part to a three film meditation on bulls, shot in Spain in 2013. It is part of an ongoing series of short films that document events or single actions from beginning to end.

The short film "Cali: de película" (Cali on Film), 1973, by Colombian filmmakers Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo is a hauntingly beautiful, impressionistic series of color se- quences recording the euphoria, excesses, and sometimes grotesque nature of the annual Feria de Cali (Cali Fair).
Founded in 1957, the fair began as a tra- ditional Spanish bullfighting celebration that also included a horse parade, salsa dancing, and a beauty pageant. However, over the years it has developed into more of a street carnival that focuses on salsa music and dance.

Robert Fenz, Anna Jermolaewa, Luis Ospina und Carlos Mayolo, u.a.
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